「Que sais-je?」(私は何を知っているのか?)今、袖をとおす服について何を知っているだろう? どこかで誰かが糸を紡ぎ、生地を織り、編み、裁ち、縫う。そうして、やっと一着が出来上がる。今もなお当たり前のように真面目な手仕事を続けている人たちがいる。そうして確かな手間をかけて作られたものは特別にいい。素材の歴史とメッセージをどことなく肌で感じたり、かすかな手作業の跡が不思議と心地よかったりする。だから私たちは誰がどんな顔をして作っているのか、きちんと知りたい。大切なのは服を着ることについて自分で考えたかどうか。着飾ったり背伸びしたりしない。ただ知って選ぶ。SAISは技術者と対話しながら服を作ります。

“Que sais-je?” (What do I know?) What do you know about the clothes you wear every day? Someone spins yarn, weaves, knits, cuts and sews the fabric. Then, finally your clothes are ready. There are still people who continue to do stitches and work all by hand, just as it used to be. Those clothes made with these certain efforts are always special. You may even feel the history and messages coming from within its materials. With a little trace of manual work, you can see these clothes are very comfortable and thoughtful. So, would you like to know exactly who is making them and what kind of person he is? It‘s important to think about how you dress. You don’t have to dress up and stretch yourself to be someone else, you just need to know who you are and choose the right one for you. SAIS makes clothes just right for you while interacting with each individual craftsmen.




SAIS cares about the materials that are used. We check the production process with our own eyes, and speak with each individual craftsmen to rediscover new fabrics made in Japan.



Outerwear with T-shirts, shirts and pants are all basic, but it can become all-season clothes with just a little idea.